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To all our archers, be sure to note these important 2020 events. From local, regional and even international competitions you have a bigger stage to show off your exceptional archery skills!

So train hard, bring your best and earn the gold. Some events are qualifiers to bigger shoots to try your hardest to be present when they come around.  

Note, event dates may change, so be sure to periodically check the website and/or talk to your clubs.

1 TTO SBAC 18M Shoot 26th January Gasparillo
2 TTO National Youth Indoor Championships 8th-9th February Chaguanas
3 TTO National Senior Indoor Championships 15th-16th February Chaguanas
4 TTO TTTAF Field Shoot 15th March Chaguaramas
5 MEX Pan American Championships  22nd-29th March Monterrey
6 TTO Southern Caribbean Championships 10th-13th April Chaguaramas
7 GUA Stage 1 Hyundai World Cup 20th-26th April Guatemala
8 CHI Stage 2 Hyundai World Cup 4th-10th May Shanghai
9 TTO Monthly Shoot 31st May Chaguaramas
10 TTO Nationlal Ranking Tournament 14th June Chaguaramas
11 TTO SAAC 30M Shoot 20th June  
12 GER Stage 3 Hyundai World Cup 21st-27th June Germany
13 TTO Tobago Invitational Archery Tournament 17th July Tobago
14 TTO Monthly Shoot 19th July Chaguaramas
15 TTO National Youth Outdoor Championships 8th-16th August Chaguaramas
16 TTO National Senior Outdoor Championships 15th-16th August Chaguaramas
17 TTO AAC FITA 31st August El Dorado
18 TTO PAC Federal Shoot 13th Septemper Chaguaramas
19 TTO TTTAF National School's Tournament 20th September TBA
20 TTO TPAC Que and Shoot 27th September Tobago
21 TTO TTTAF 1440 Shoot 18th October Chaguaramas
22 TTO CPAC Last Man Standing Archery Challenge 1st November Charlieville
23 TTO SAAC Indoor Championships 12th-13th December  


CPAC - Central Precision Archery Club   SBAC - Southern Bowtech Archery Club   PAC - Points Archery Club   AAC - Academy Archery Club   SAAC - South Arrows Archery Club   TPAC - Tobago Precision Archery Club

World Archery Event

Club Event



These shoots are for club and TTTAF archers. Not a member? Check out our List of Clubs


If you require more information, please Contact us and we will be happy to assist.