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01/09/19 09:26:pm

To All,

Please note that further to the installation of the barrier at the Micheal P Mckenzie Range in Chaguaramas the following is now in effect.

Range Officers have been appointed to supervise the shooting on the Range and will also have keys to open the barrier.

The Range Officers are as follows:
1. Gregory Quesnel - 353-3345
2. Richard Clark - 689-2001
3. Pat Price - 682-1972
4. Tony Chin - 620-6176
5. Howard Rooks - 

Persons wishing to use the field are asked to liaise with Points Archery Club to find out when the Range Officers will be onsite so that there can be vehicular access to the range.

Anyone wishing to shoot outside of the times when Range Officers are present on the field, please note that you would be required to park outside and walk in.

The TTTAF however, does not accept liability for loss or damage to property or Archers when the range is closed and Range Officers not present.

We are exploring re-activation of the car park on the western side of the river, i.e. over the bridge behind the white container. This will allow one to park off the road and closer to the Range. Realistically this parking place is for dry season only as will probably not be able to be used when it is very wet.

The barrier will be locked from tomorrow, Wednesday 9th January, 2019.

We will continue to monitor the effectiveness of this and make adjustments as are deemed necessary.

Nikhil Kanhai
Gen. Secretary.