Each club registered as a member of the TTTAF is expected to comply with the following, all of which should be dealt with in the club’s constitution and by-laws.

Safety, Health and Security

The club should:

a) appoint a range officer with responsibility for safety who must be on duty whenever shooting is in process.

b) have a first-aid kit available at the Field of Play.

c) have contact information for medical assistance (ambulance, nearest hospital, etc.) displayed at the Field of Play.

d) conduct training in range and archery safety for its members.

e) ensure that all club equipment is properly secured when not in use.

Field of Play:
The area designated and approved for the shooting of arrows. This area consist of

(1) a shooting line, (2) a waiting line, (3) an equipment line and (4) a safety drop zone to the side of and behind the targets.

TTTAF Framework