Executive and Management

a)  The club’s executive should, at a minimum, comprise of:

i. A President

ii. A Vice-president

iii. A General Secretary

iv. A Treasurer

b)  The names and contact information (mailing address, telephone number and email) of the executive positions shown in (a) above are to be sent to the General Secretary of the TTTAF and changes advised within one month.

c)  The club’s executive should meet at least once per quarter.

d)  Minutes of all executive meetings should be recorded and filed with the club secretary.

e) Executive elections should be held at least once every four years.

f)  The club should keep an up-to-date record of its members, their rank and/or grade and any awards or violations received. This record must include the member’s name, address, telephone & email contact and gender.

TTTAF Framework