a) Only archery equipment approval by World Archery are to be used on a TTTAF approved Field of Play.

b) Bows and arrows are to be inspected regularly for any damage.

c) Damaged equipment must be withdrawn from use immediately.

d) Damaged equipment may be reintroduced into use after the appropriate repairs have been made.

e) Clubs are responsible for the proper maintenance of all TTTAF equipment.

f) Clubs are expected to purchase additional bows, arrows and target matts to meet their needs.

g) Clubs are expected to purchase they own consumables: vanes, target faces, etc.

Field of Play:
The area designated and approved for the shooting of arrows. This area consist of

(1) a shooting line, (2) a waiting line, (3) an equipment line and (4) a safety drop zone behind the targets.

TTTAF Framework