Club fees

a) Clubs may charge membership fees at a level determined by them.

b) Clubs may charge a fee for visiting or day members to allow, at their discretion,use of their archery range.

c) Clubs may engage in such fund-raising ventures as they see fit. If any such venture involves shooting of arrows at a location not approval by TTTAF, TTTAF approval must be given prior to the event.

Federation’s financial support to clubs

a) The club may apply to the TTTAF for financial or other support for events that are open to all TTTAF members.


a) Clubs are to provide the TTTAF with an annual subvention request on the prescribed form

b) Club subventions are to reach the TTTAF on or before June 30th of each year.


a) Clubs should maintain proper accounts of all monies received and expended.

TTTAF Subvention Request Form

Subvention: A request for financial assistance from the Ministry of Sport.