In addition, the TTTAF has introduced a Grading System to standardize the progression of the archer, encourage continued development in the sport and reward the archer at each stage of his/her development.

Grading (or ranking) of archers

a) The club should adopt the TTTAF grading system.

b) Beginner level archers may be awarded the Novice and Beginner grades.

c) Intermediate level archers may be awarded the Archer grades.

d) Senior level archers may be awarded the Master Archer and Grand Master Archer grades.

e) Specific achievements are outlined in PDF below.

f) Clubs would award the Novice and Archer levels. TTTAF will award Master Archer and Grand Master Archer levels.

g) Grading shoots should be announced in the club at least three week in advance.

h) Grading shoots should be controlled by a National or club Judge.

i) TTTAF is to be informed of the results of a Grading shoot within one month using the Grading result form.

j) The TTTAF is to issue Grading Certificates (see PDF sample Archer certificate) and the official Grade Tags (see sample Grading tag below) within two weeks of receiving the Grading Results form.

k) Only TTTAF supplied Grading Certificates and Grade Tags are to be used.

TTTAF grading achievements TTTAF Club Grading Form TTTAF Sample Archer Certificate TTTAF Sample Grading Tag