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From time to time the Trinidad and Tobago Target Archery Federation hosts coaching courses aimed at developing archery coaches.

Coaches have to meet several practical goals before becoming certified and being able to progress to the next level.

TTTAF Level 1 Coaches

The current certified TTTAF Level 1 Coaches are:

Name Club
Steve Lennard Central Precision Archery Club
Franklyn Smith Central Precision Archery Club
Aliymah La Foucade Central Precision Archery Club
Syam Pustam Forest Reserve Archery Club
Keith Beharry Munroe Road Archery Club
Mark Mahabir Munroe Road Archery Club
Justin Chin Points Archery Club
Michael Wyatt Points Archery Club
Richard Clarke Points Archery Club
Ronald Ali Points Archery Club
Ravi Khan Southern Bowtech Archery Club
Sabrina Ramlakhan Southern Bowtech Archery Club
Terry Jagesar Southern Bowtech Archery Club
Sarah Jagesar Southern Bowtech Archery Club
Patricia Goddard Tobago Precision Archery Club
Acquille Simmons Tobago Precision Archery Club
Arthur Goddard Tobago Precision Archery Club
Anthony Goddard Tobago Precision Archery Club
Sherwin Francis South Arrows Archery Club

TTTAF Level 2 Coaches

The current TTTAF Level 2 Coaches are:

Name Club
Joanne Yates-Boopsingh Academy Archery Club
Sherizan Ali Central Precision Archery Club
Dane Mohammed Forest Reserve Archery Club
Dunbar Roopnarine Munroe Road Archery Club
Nazimine Roopnarine Munroe Road Archery Club
Patricia Price Points Archery Club
Shaffick Mohammed STARTA Archery Club
Patrick Welch Tobago Precision Archery Club

TTTAF Level 3 Coaches

TTTAF Level 3 coaches act on a National Level and are used to train and develop archers selected for the T&T National Archery Teams.

The current list of TTTAf Level 3 Coaches are:

Hasmath Ali
George Vire
Edward Ramesar
Selwyn Jagesar
Colvin Chin