First Tournament of 2015 - FRAC 18M

01/21/15 01:59:am

"You don't have to be great to start,

But you have to start to be great!"

Zig Zagler-

The first TTTAF tournament for 2015 is also on new soil as one of our newest clubs the Forest Reserve Archery Club (FRAC) holds its first event an 18M outdoor shoot.

All clubs, archers and archery fans are invited to the Forest Reserve Archery Club's first shoot and the TTTAF's first monthly shoot of the New Year. It is not everyday that one can be part of such an amazing time in a new club so come out in your numbers to show your support. Luckily the 18M format means that the competition will be close and the margin of error small so archers come with your best!

Not an archer? there's still something in it for you come out to see a sport of true skill and focus and who knows you might leave the field an archer *wink*

Archers interested in taking part can contact their club coaches/administrators to do so. Shoot details are below (or you can download the pdf notice):

MONTHLY SHOOT – Sunday January 25th, 2015

Forest Reserve Archery Club Grounds, Fayzabad

Format: 18M, Outdoor Tournament


Preliminary Rounds (two):

30 arrows, 10 ends of 3 arrows - 40cm face

Schedule (Draft):


Start Time

Equipment Inspection

8:00 AM

Opening Ceremony

8:30 AM


9:10 AM

Preliminary Round 1

9:30 AM


10:30 AM

Preliminary Round 2

10:45 AM


12:00 PM

Registration (FREE):

Each club is asked to send a maximum of ten (10) archers, or the first forty (40) archers to register will be allowed; whichever occurs first.


  • Stand by Ambulance
  • Water / Gatorade
  • Tents/Chairs
  • Tables

Archers are asked to walk with their lunch. Food will also be on sale.

Clubs can be dressed in Clubs' Uniform or any attire.

Note: This is NOT a National Ranking Tournament and does NOT contribute to the Iere Cup